Singa Karo 2.0 Shinguard

1,199,000.00 IDR

Protection For The Beasts. Designed & Tested by Theodorus Ginting.

The Singa Karo 2.0 Shinguards for mixed martial arts and more expert kickboxers, Designed to avoid injuries in sparring and drilling, with extra protection and maneuverability. Taking the best elements of Muay Thai Style shin guards, Hawkeye in conjunction with former One Pride MMA welterweight champion Theodorus “Singa Karo” Ginting have developed this shin guard to meet the needs of the modern combat sports athlete.

These shin guards are light weight but feature a double pad to the front, slowing impact of both kicks and checks, affording almost the same protective level as many Muay Thai shin guards with the added signature quilted-stitch design on the sides of the shinguard to make sure you stand out amongst others in the gym. The Singa Karo 2.0 Shinguards is cut to sit above the the knee for maximal protection for kickboxing & MMA. This is the perfect option for fans of Theodorus Ginting and martial arts practitioner in general, whether it’s for mixed martial arts, Muay Thai or Kickboxing.


  • Made With Microhawk Genuine Leather©
  • Quilted Stitching
  • Hook & Loop Velcro Closure
  • Moisture Wicking Inner Lining
  • Available In Size Medium & Large

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