Hawkeye X Unicombat Fight Shirt


499,000 IDR

1 piece in stock.

This fight shirt is specially designed for Ajarn Gae, legendary Muay Thai trainer from Thailand. Ajarn Gae is a legendary Muay Thai trainer who spent most of his childhood living at a local temple. He did his first Muay Thai fight in a local temple fair when he was only 8 years old. He spent a few years fighting in Northern Thailand before moving to Bangkok where he competed for another 2 years until a bad injury ended his career. He misses fighting in the ring but he eventually builds his career as a well known Muay Thai trainer to this day.

Hawkeye X Unicombat collection designed fight shirt with Lightweight Cotton fabric from Indonesia cut in a fighter fit, that you can wear in any weather condition. Completed with open collar, pocket on the left chest, and a printed Ajarn Gae special artwork.

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