Hawkeye Fightwear

Focus Boxing Gloves | Black Cardinal

1,399,000 IDR


  • Alabaster Porcelain
  • Golden Troops
  • Navy Plated
  • Onyx Gold


Focus 2.0 is the greatest generation of Focus! Since 2012 we always make an improvement and innovate from a little thing to the big things, and for the new Focus generation specially made with Microhawk Power Leather. Microhawk Power leather is Hawkeye’s new technology of hybrid leather, that has strong endurance, so you don't need to worry in thinking about its durability. Besides a new technology with a material that we used for this generation, Focus has a really secured Velcro® Straps. You’ll see the luxurious touch of diamond quilted stitching on these gloves and a very precision high quality of stitching. Every detail of these gloves we developed with an R&D process to make you feel the best experience of wearing this Focus greatest generation.



  • Focus Greatest Generation
  • Made With Microhawk Power Leather©
  • Hi-Tear Resistance
  • FLUX 4 Function Layers Foam Technology
  • Longer Foam for Wrist Protector
  • Featherweave Lining©
  • Precision Stitching
  • Precision 10 Airflow Holes
  • Finger & Thumb Lock
  • High Technical Features



  • Available in 8oz - 10oz -12oz - 14oz -16oz
  • Available in 5 Colors



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