How to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic almost all across the world, it has had a huge impact on the daily activities of people across the world. Then the number of numbers in the list of infected people & in monitoring every day increases. This causes fear for people who are not infected, so afraid to leave the house and move. But the most important thing in preventing this outbreak is by maintaining your own health and hygiene. by maintaining food, set a healthy lifestyle, and don't forget to keep doing a workout.

How to prevent this can be done by self-quarantine at home for two weeks. During self-quarantine, adequate rest is indeed one of the solutions to keep our body healthy and immune in good terms. But don't forget to keep doing a workout to maintain your body health, by doing sports activities such as heavy bag drill (if you have a heavy bag), shadowbox, jumping rope, bodyweight training, weightlifting (if you have the equipment). Some of these exercise methods can help you stay fit and healthy.

In this case, if you can't self-quarantine because you have to keep working, then you have to do sports in a public workout space, make sure that you are healthy and hygiene. Then make sure that the place does some prevention activities such as checking body temperature before you enter the area, routine cleaning before and after class using disinfectants recommended by the government, providing hand sanitizer or better if you also have your own hand sanitizer.

Also, in preventing things that are not desirable, you should have your own fight equipment, such as handwraps and boxing gloves. Why you should have your own fight equipment? Because if you using the shareable equipment that provided at the gym, you don't know how many hands are using that equipment, and you don't know how many bacteria there are even the worst if it turns out that the goods contain a virus from this outbreak will make your potential infected far more even though you feel you have a healthy body and lifestyle.


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